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We are Prō--Lēx, a social enterprise—information—IT—technologyL3C Company providing affordable “Self-Help” access to the civil justice system for an estimated 4.3 million self-represented litigants employing the most innovative eCourt-filing technology available linking both federal and state civil justice system.




The term “Self-Help” dates back to 1784 over 300 years during the first publication of “Every Man His Own Lawyer” in London, and was in its ninth edition before the formation of the British’s thirteenth colonies.  The term “Self-Help” was not coined as mere psychobabble, and has had a rich tradition of usage within the realm of jurisprudence.

Therefore, the term “Self-Help” is the facet—that is, the face of American jurisprudence and has always been about action; not mere words.  Moreover, the term “Self-Help” by nature is the remedy— intended to bring about legal redress for the individual.