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Judicial Council of California contracted the services of Gartner—the world foremost expert in Information Technology—to research the feasibility and cost-efficiency of converting an archaic paper-driven judicial system into an automated Case Management System.
In 2007, Gartner along with an independent forensic accountant firm produced a Final Survey Report concerning the cost-effectiveness of implementing an automated Case Management System. 
Final Survey Report was submitted to the California State Assembly for legislative consideration, and overwhelming bipartisan adopted said final survey report, which resulted in the creation of Assembly Bill 2073.  Legislator enacted mandatory eCourt-filing legislation, and codified into law—California Civil Code Procedure section 1010.6. Subdivision (d) (1) (d) —effective January 1, 2013; and moreover, submitted to Governor for final approval.
Gartner stated that the cost of operating an automated Case Management System would cost estimated $157 million annually.  However, profits gained from the implementation of an automated Case Management System are as follows:

• Electronic Filing estimates increase profits of $79 million for the first year; and
• Electronic Calendars saves an estimated $23 million first year; and
• Self-Service Electronic Case Inquiries profits of $11 million the first year; and
• Self-Service eCourt-filing profits are estimated at $22 million in the first year.

Therefore, the sheer magnitude of engineering the implementation of a functional Court Case Management/Electronic Court Filing System makes it the largest Information Technology—IT—project engineered by a Government agency or private sector entity.