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We are a premier vendor (EFSP) provider of civil eCourt-filing services for legal professionals and self-represented litigants.  Our secure server-to-server integrated connection to the Superior Court’s CCMS system, allows end-user litigant to file their limited or unlimited civil lawsuit directly to the Superior Court’s clerk office.
All civil eDoc filings must conform to California State-Wide electronic filing standards pursuant to the California Rules of Court, Rule 2.259 (a) (1)End-user litigants™ filing fee cost for efiling limited or unlimited civil case is $9.00 per transaction or $0.89 cents per copy.  In addition, for mass tort litigation filing fee cost, please contact customer service for more details.  
                 Mandatory eCourt-filing On-DemandTM


End-user litigant™ opting to efile their civil matter from our walk-in data centre, must obtain a secure access key, authorisng end-user litigant™ use of data centre's thin-client computer station.  The following self-help interactive eservices are provided as follows:


• Interactive: self-help eCourt-filing services 24-hours-a-day—seven-days-a-week    
• Interactive: self-help or paralegal eDoc preparation services

 Interactive: self-help Lexis-Nexis or Westlaw legal case research services
 Interactive: self-help eCourt 
Mandatory Judicial Council Forms $0.89 cents per copy

• eCivil Summon Service on adverse parties

• eProof of Service vendorfilingTM service     



In 2012, California State Assembly legislators convene in session to vote on the passing of Assembly Bill No. 2073mandatory eCourt-filing legislationeffective January 1, 2013, and codified into law pursuant to the California Civil Code Procedure section 1010.6; subdivision (d) (1) (D)Limited and Unlimited civil; or complex—Mass Tort—litigation efiled must conform pursuant to the California Rules of Court, rule 2.117. Moreover, all moving papers efiled after 12:00 midnight will be stamped as conformed original the next business day pursuant to the California Rules of Court, rule 2.259 (a) (1).


Please Note: Moving papers must be e-filed within 24 hours after completing the on-line reservation. For the specific motion for summary judgment filing deadlines, please refer to the unlimited civil courtroom hearing schedule.  click here for filing standards
Please Note: To expedite end-user litigant’s motion make sure the court is proper court to reserve case number for each motion.  Memorandum of Understanding Must Be Signed