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Pro Bono Publico Not Exclusive to the legal industry
Pro Bono PublicoThe Public's Interest:  “Pro Bono”—is a Latin maxim; and literally translated to mean—“for the public good.”  This Latin axiom is not the exclusive service mark of the legal industry.  In plain English, this Latin maxim varies depending on the source.  Nevertheless, “Pro Bono Publico” is universally accepted and defined as labour carried out for the interest of the public good.  “Pro Bono Publico” has not always been exclusive to the legal industry, but in the social media era has come to mean as follows:
“In modern times, work that is “pro bono” has come to mean work that is rendered without fee, or at a substantially reduced fee, to those of limited means … As soon-to-be lawyers, you, too, have the ability and the responsibility to use your skills and training to help those in need of legal services, many of whom cannot afford legal fees.”  Consult UMK C Pro Bono Public Service Program Student Handbook 3 (2009-2009).